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Sugarcane Molasses

//Sugarcane Molasses

Sugarcane Molasses

Sr.   Description Weight / Quantity / 40’ Weight / 40’ HC
No   Packing HC Container Container
1 Plastic Can   30 Kg 900 Cans 27 MT
2 Iron Drum   280 Kg 96 Drums 27 MT
3 IBC Tank   1500 Kg 18 Tanks 27 MT


Sugarcane Molasses

Molasses is frequently the cheapest energy supplement available for cattle in areas close to sugar mills. Properly mixed with urea, and with or without protein meal, fortified molasses can address protein deficiencies, while also supplying an energy supplement. Molasses-based supplements have a role in keeping wearers moving forward, in spike feeding heifers and breeders, and in certain circumstances finishing steers (production feeding).

Feeding molasses-based supplements like M8U will result in cattle remaining ‘stronger for longer’ during dry times. Attention should be paid to stocking rates and pasture spelling

as molasses supplementation can result in more pasture being consumed, potentially leading to reduced ground cover. Molasses-based supplements can be a very useful production tool, but will not replace good herd and land management practices.

At all times, ensure adequate pasture roughage is available to livestock. Proactive management will ensure stock numbers are decreased, or even completely destocked, before livestock run out of roughage.


To make molasses, which is pure sugar, the sugar cane plant is harvested and stripped of its leaves. Its juices extracted from the canes, usually by crushing or mashing. The juices boiled to concentrate which promotes the crystallization of the. The results of this first boiling and removal of sugar crystal is first molasses, which has the highest sugar content because comparatively little sugar has been extracted from the juice. Second molasses is created from a second boiling and sugar extraction, and has a slight bitter tinge to its taste.


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