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Pakistan Lentil Straw

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Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana Kunth) is an important tropical grass widespread in tropical and subtropical countries. It is useful forage for pasture and hay, drought-resistant and very productive, of high quality when young.
Rhodes Grass is a kind of wild grass grown in tropical areas. It is also cultivated in agricultural countries, especially for animal feed.
It is commonly used as fodder for farm cattle and horses etc. It contains sufficient proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are essential intakes for milk giving animals.

    Pakistan Lentil Straw


    Dry Matter90.0 Max.
    Crude Protein9.0 Max.
    Crude Fiber40.0 Max.
    NDF60.6 Max.
    ADF39.8 Max.
    Lignin9.7 Max.
    Ether Extract1.5Max.
    Ash6.0 Max.
    Gross Energy17.9 Max.

    Pakistan Lentil Straw

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