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Pakistan Rice Prices


Pakistan Rice FOB Prices

For over three decades, Pak Arab Agro Industries has been providing its global clientele with high quality Food stuff, primarily quality rice. We at Pak Arab Agro Industries strive to provide our customers the best of Food products manufactured and processed as per strict hygienic standards.

All our productions are carried out on our fully automated rice processing equipment present with production capacity of over 150 MT per day.

We at Pak Arab Agro Industries, never compromise on the quality and customer services and this is the only reason why our name is guarantee for customer satisfaction. We strictly believe on getting repeat orders on the basis of product quality and our performance only. We guarantee the quality of shipment and the buyer’s satisfaction.

We believe in providing quality to the end user, A satisfied end user is the vision Pak Arab Agro Industries The vision can only be achieved via smooth alignment of the value chain. Thereby we strive for striking cordial business relationships so to as achieve our vision.

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